Brand new homes in Chiyoda Ward

Prices from SG$625,000

Wellith Chiyoda Higashi-Kanda is an all new luxury development in Chiyoda Ward, a rare opportunity to own residential property in this major financial and business district.

It offers a home of superior design and finish, with attention paid to Japanese aesthetics, together with a highly-regarded address just 4 minutes from Tokyo Station.

The property also enjoys easy access to the business districts of Nihonbashi and Marunouchi, with their superior department stores, cultural attractions and business centers.


Apartments have been designed by NTT to suit a variety of lifestyles, from family-living to professionals seeking comfort and convenience.


Designs carefully blend the best of Japanese aesthetics with an open, contemporary look that will have significant appeal.


Fast access to major centers of business and commerce enhance this appeal even further.



Tokyo station, just 4 minutes away, is the prime hub for rail travel in Japan and is surrounded by major office complexes, home to the world`s biggest companies including Mizuho Bank, Mitsubishi, Bayer and Intel.


The area is also a major lifestyle center, with a number of popular department stores, event spaces and cultural attractions including Kitte, Shin-Maru Building, Tokyo International Forum and Ichigo-kan.


In the other direction lies Akihabara, a fast-transforming area with an array of entertainment, pop-culture and technology businesses.




Kanda has traditionally been the residential and academic center adjacent to the business focus of Marunouchi. Home to a population of young professionals and their families.


Wellith Chiyoda Higahsi-Kanda therefor benefits from an array of surrounding super markets, schools and hospitals (with the highest per 10,000 people of anywhere in Tokyo).


Its culture is also a major attraction, with book stores, festivals and shrines all attracting people to the area.


Extremely well-designed apartments designed to appeal to both families and single professionals who desire a high-level of comfort and convenience.

Just 4 minutes from Tokyo station, 10 minutes from Akihabara, the property is in the heart of a major financial and cultural center that is home to a number of important businesses.

Situated in a historic, residential area that was once home to samurai families, there is a rich array of culture and amenities in the surrounding area.