Specialized in Japanese Property

HJ Real Estate is a bridge to Japanese real-estate – whether you represent an institution, are making a first-time investment, or are privately looking to purchase a home. As an officially licensed Singaporean agency, we ensure complete legal compliance with local authorities.

HJ Real Estate is an associate company of Housing Japan K.K. We benefit from a strong presence within Japan, with the ability to source property, arrange deal financing and structure, close contracts and if necessary, provide property management services.

Key People

Junpei Fujioka

With over 16 years of experience dedicated solely to the real estate industry in Japan, Junpei Fujioka holds one of Housing Japan’s best records in high-end property sales to expatriate residents and overseas clients.

From April 2022, he will join as a director of HJ Real Estate, where he will serve as the bridge between Tokyo and Singapore for clients looking to rent, buy, or invest in real estate in Japan.

Peter Koh (R004232G)

Peter is a fully licensed and qualified Singaporean real estate agent with extensive experience serving clients throughout the country. He has frequently helped introduce Japanese property to those interested in investing outside of Singapore and can help local residents structure a purchase to take advantage of the unique opportunities in Japan.

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